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CSF:  Community Supported Fishery

We live in a region that provides a bounty of seafood 12 months a year!  Your weekly cooler will be packed with top quality seafood that comes directly from the boat to our processing plant & cannery in Warrenton.  Each cooler serves approximately 2 servings.

Pick a Portion & a Plan:
 4 week trial offer (trial offer only good for 1 month/customer)
13 weeks
26 weeks
52 weeks

INTERESTED?  Email or call the cannery at (503) 861-8277.  You can also print an order/payment form in the Fish Friday or Fish Saturday boxes below.

Seafood Cooler:  Here is an example of a schedule (based on the time of year):
Week 1:     Fresh salmon
Week 2:    Oregon Dungeness Crab & a can of Skipanon Brand Chinook Salmon
Week 3:    Smoked Salmon & Razor Clams
Week 4:    Fresh Oregon Albacore Tuna & Oregon Pink Shrimp
Week 5:   Willapa Bay Oysters in the shell & Fresh Rockfish

FISH FRIDAY:  Clatsop County

Pick-Up Day:  Friday
Pick-Up Location: Skipanon Brand Cannery Store
590 SE 3rd in Warrenton (located off the corner of Harbor & Galena)
Pick-Up Time:  1 pm - 5:30 pm

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Fish Friday Plans

Click HERE to print payment/order form.

You are responsible for pic
king up your seafood cooler at the Cannery Store.  If you can't pick up on Friday, your cooler will be stored in the refrigerator.  We are open daily from 10 am - 5:30 pm.  You can also send a friend or neighbor (but, they might be tempted to eat your dinner!)