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the kujala family


Norman Kujala had a vision of high ocean seas and quality seafood that rivaled his own dinner every night.  A true Finnish fisherman who married a Swede, Norman always knew his life was near the sea.  Just like their ancestors, the Kujala's have discriminating taste and delicious recipes. 

He attended Oregon State University and majored in biology. He went on to obtain his masters in oceanography.  He started commercial fishing in 1946.  Thirty years later, he worked with other local fisherman to create the first independent Salmon fish hatchery in Oregon.  To this day, it remains a thriving source of salmon for the Columbia River.

Norman and his wife Judy decided they didn't want to sell their "catch" anymore and created the Oregon Ocean Seafoods processing plant, the home of Skipanon Brand, in 1978.  It started small and has remained small through the years.  They raised 4 children and will celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary this year.

Now, their sons Mark and Paul handle the day to day business, but it is truly a family owned and operated small business.  Their younger brother, Andy, works with Mark at the cannery.  Their "little" sister, Marie, makes sure all gift packs are ready to head out the door and created her own special sauce that goes perfectly with fresh crab and shrimp cocktails!

Norman, Judy, Mark and Paul Kujala all graduated from Oregon State University. 



Paul Kujala is now the one heading to sea.  He is captain of the Cape Windy and does most of the fishing just off the Oregon Coast.  


Paul crosses one of the most dangerous bars in the country at the mouth of the Columbia River.  

           He is also a member of the Otter Trawl Commission. 
Mark Kujala preferred dry land to the open sea.  He graduated from Oregon State University and returned to the food tech department at Oregon State for professional training to run a commercial processing plant and micro-cannery.

His education helps him make sure we are only serving the finest quality product to our customers.  He is also the one who first started selling fresh seafood at the Beaverton Farmers' Market 15 years ago!  Even now, he gets up early Saturday morning to make sure the Willamette Valley has access to only the best local seafood in Oregon.

He works closely with the Food and Drug Administration and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to meet all quality control and food safety guidelines.

                                          our home

Warrenton is a hard-working fishing town that has adapted along the years because of a changing industry.  The city is adjacent to Astoria - home of "The Goonies," "Kindergarten Cop," "Short Circuit," "Free Willy," and many more movies because of the glorious location on the river and near the sea. 

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ended their journey (now known as the Lewis and Clark Trail) just a few miles from our micro-cannery at Fort Clatsop (State Park).   They endured weeks of cold rain, but delighted in the beauty of the coastal landscape.


The beach is less than five miles away with stunning views and even a well known shipwreck, "The Peter Iredale," which crashed onto shore in 1906.  Remains of the ship are still visible at Fort Stevens State Park