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We also have Smoked Sockeye & Smoked Chinook (the perfect addition to any holiday meal!)

Cold Smoked is cured and smoked with Alderwood during refrigeration.  Cold smoked prepares the salmon similar to lox and can be thinly sliced and served on a bagel.

Hot Smoked is smoked with Alderwood and cooked to a temperature of 155 degrees.  This is usually more flaky than cold smoked and can be eaten with crackers or all by itself!


Ship up to 6 lbs = $60 for overnight delivery (required for fresh & smoked seafood)
Smoked sockeye = $19.95/lb
Smoked chinook = $24.95/lb
Cold Smoked Steelhead
Hot Smoked Steelhead

Cold Smoked Chinook Salmon
Hot Smoked Chinook Salmon

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